Teen blasts ‘F**ck tha Police’ on repeat at a police officer’s funeral to show his hate

Written by Wamiq Ali

A Bronx teen played N.W.A’s “F**ck the police” on repeat at a police officer’s funeral. The internet isn’t happy about the incident. The teenager took his stand against the police and law enforcements.

16-year-old Julien Rodriguez didn’t care for the slain NYPD officer’s funeral procession. He played N.S.A’s anthem on repeat in a nearby apartment on full volume.

The officers taking part in the funeral of Miosotis Familia became quite angry with the teen’s action. They went forward to shut down the loud music. Upon questioning, Rodriguez told the police that it was quite satisfying to play the old classic music. The teen said that the police didn’t show any respect for his brother and his friend so, in the same way, he doesn’t hold any respect.

Eventually, Rodriquez apologised for his behaviour but later he released a statement that he asked for forgiveness because of being under pressure. It was in a way to please the superintendent. The superintendent had threatened to kick his family to the curb. 

Rodriquez said that he does feel bad about the deceased officer because she was fighting against the criminals. She didn’t do anything wrong to deserve some kind of music on her funeral. Though, his brother and best friend hadn’t done any wrong too, said Rodriquez.

The teenager thinks that his best friend and brother were shot by the police. However, no record of them was found in the police department. Well, the song by N..S.A’s played a pretty much good role to show the teen’s hate for the police. He surely has lost faith in the justice department, let’s hope he doesn’t grow up with the same mentality.

16-year-old Julien Rodriguez

Update: The teen has been reportedly kicked out of his apartment for bad conduct. The tenant was ordered to get rid of the teenager and his older sister. These two were staying in the tenant’s third-floor pad.

The teen sister reported that people threatened his brother online by telling him that he was wrong.

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