Teacher offered to boost student grades only if parents provided school supplies

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A teacher sent a message to the parents of her students who demanded school supplies in exchange for the students’ good grades. This one note was equivalent to someone asking for a bribe. The parents became angry with the demands of the teacher, and they said that they felt “bribed.”

The note was uploaded to Facebook by the educator of the Langston Huges High School. The teacher in the letter gave an ultimatum to the parents that if they wanted their kids to have good grades, then they had to do something in this regards. She said that the only thing which could help the kids to get better grades was providing the school with supplies. She even provided an extra list of items which could be used to earn additional credits.

According to USA Today, 94 per cent of the school teachers reported that they used their own money and personal funds to purchase the supplies during the year 2014-2015. The same teachers claimed that they took this measure without getting reimbursement. If an estimate is made regarding the expenditure of the teachers on the school supplies, it would be found that an average teacher spends $480 a year on the supplies.

On father was interviewed by 11Alive, and he said that asking for school supplies in exchange for good grades was quite a low thing to ask. He further added that granting extra credits in exchange for purchasing school supplies was even a bad thing as it gave a wrong message to the new generation. He related this action to his history of crimes and said that since he took shortcuts in life; therefore, he suffered. Thus, he wouldn’t allow his kids to learn that taking shortcuts for the sake of getting something was the right thing.

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