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Teacher calls for someone to shoot Trump, gets fired and then cries on Twitter about it

Written by Wamiq Ali

The professor who calls someone to shoot Trump gets under psychiatric evaluation based on his judgement. Professor one day released a statement that he wished someone might shoot President Trump. Well, such hatred isn’t good for someone, Trump surely doesn’t deserve such remarks.

Professor Kevil Allred tweeted, “Trump is a fu**ing joke, this is all a sham.” This was reported by Washington Times. In a reportedly deleted tweet, Allred said, “I wish someone would just shoot him outright.

Over the weekend, Allred had also tweeted the image of Kathy Griffing holding the President’s head. Allred after tweeting such hate instantly learned from his mistake and he thought to make it clear to the people. He said that saying about someone a wish isn’t parallel to actually plotting against that person. Wishing death on the president is something different than threatening him in actual.

saying you wish donald trump was dead is different than making a direct threat against him. just saying…

— Kevin Allred (@KevinAllred) July 29, 2017

Allred also had released similar statements about not being happy with the Trump’s administration. He called Trump with some horrible titles. He even called him a traitor and a terrorist. Which is quit not just, no?

Donald Trump is a traitor and a terrorist. Happy Saturday!

— Kevin Allred (@KevinAllred) July 29, 2017

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