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Teacher battling Cancer runs out of sick days & all employees give him theirs

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A teacher who is battling cancer was left overwhelmed with joy when he found that the school employees had helped him with sick days. The teacher had been gifted with enough sick days to cover an entire semester. The teachers and staff members transferred 75 sick days to the teacher suffering from the disease.

Robert Goodman was undergoing surgery and chemotherapy when he ran out of sick days. The other staff members decided to help him with the situation. Helping someone is unique gesture in current times when almost everyone tries to think of their own self. The CNN reported the entire ordeal of Mr Goodman. Mr Goodman needed at-least 20 additional sick days as his treatment for colon cancer was in process.

Robert wasn’t among those who don’t do anything, he decided to post a plea on Facebook. Thus, he posted a selfie and a request on Facebook for a possible solution of the problem. He sat in a room at Tomsich Health and Medical Center of Palm Beach County and posted an emotional message on social media.

Already used 38 days this year already which is all I had left as I was sick a couple years ago and used about two weeks, he wrote.

In his request he sought help from any employee who might be willing to lend a hand. He also gave an other option that if anyone couldn’t do as mentioned then he would be coming back to work on 6th of August without having any chance to apply for another leave. He thanked everyone for considering his request.

However, he didn’t know that he was working with good people. The 56yo man found that within a few days he had enough sick leaves to get his treatment. This was a pure display of humanity from the school employees. They showed a big heart and preferred to help their colleague in need. Goodman said that he couldn’t believe the reality of it happening. He said that employees from all over the state working for education came forward to send their sick leaves. The professors from Florida Atlantic University contacted for a donation of sick days.

The internet played a vital role in the dissemination of the information which Goodman had posted on the social media.

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