Teacher arrested for asking why superintendent got a raise & teachers didn’t for years!

Written by Wamiq Ali

A teacher gets arrested and confronted by a police officer after she asks the jury the reason behind the superintendent getting a salary raise as compared to teachers who haven’t gotten a  single raise in years.

Teacher Deyshia Hargrave was questioning the school board and was trying to make some sense out of the new salary raise rules of the school. She was asking a simple question that why the jury voted for a raise in superintendent’s salary but didn’t put the same effort towards the teacher who is actually responsible for the bright future of the kids. 

After the teacher raised her voice, she was told my the security officer from the parish Marshal’s office to leave the room or she would soon get arreste in the hall.

Do watch the video below and let us know your opinions, do you think that the teacher’s stance was right?

This might be a little frustrating for the teacher herself who tried to argue with the jury. The people are showing mixed reactions but a lot of them say that the security officer shouldn’t have threatened the teacher. The video went viral on the internet as it got shared on the social media website Reddit. A user below the video commented that the woman was not committing any crime so she should have been allowed to stand in front of the jury while expressing her opinions. There were many people who were talking in the favour of the woman. According to the people raising questions to gain the proper answers is not a crime.

There were people like this guy too, he commented, “easy fix change your career or leave the state, or go where you get paid more. wow plus if you love your job the amount doesn’t matter.

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