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Taylor Swift generously donates $113k to Tennessee LGBTQ advocacy group

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Taylor Swift has once again come into the news because of her generous donation towards an LGBTQ advocacy group. The singer is quite popular for her songs and she enjoys a top place among her piers. The singer recently said that the efforts being made by the LGBTQ advocacy group in order to oppose a handful of contentious bills which are being moved inside the state’s Republican-controlled General Assemly forced her to make a donation. She thought that this was the right platform which had to be supported with her money.

The Tennessee Equality Project announced that Swift had donated $113,000 for their organization’s cause. The group had shared a handwritten message from the Taylor Swift, which she had posted for sake of explaining the reason behind the donation. The letter had praised the efforts of the faith leaders who opposed a series of bills being presented opposing LGBTQ community. Swift had praised these individuals which included the religious leaders because they stood up for a noble cause of equal rights for everyone.

The proposed bills include different measures which oppose the rights of the LGBTQ people. Taylor Swift wanted to support the group so that they may win the battle of getting equal rights. Therefore, Taylor Swift found no other way better than donating a huge amount of money to the group which was trying to oppose the proposed bills. According to Taylor Swift, these bills violated different rights like allowing adoption agencies to discriminate against LGBTQ groups.

After making this donation, the famous singer has cleared her stance that she wants equal rights for every individual irrespective of the personal beliefs which they hold. Those who don’t support LGBTQ claim that this is against the law of nature. The law of nature they state is the human capacity to grow and increase population or carrying down their own race through the institution of marriage.

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