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Taylor Swift donates $100k to a family of woman aggrieved during Chiefs victory parade

In the wee hours of the night in the United States, while most were sound asleep, Taylor Swift was extending her heartfelt support to a family in need, miles away in Melbourne, Australia. The singer, currently in the midst of her tour, chose to make a significant contribution to a GoFundMe campaign set up to aid the family of Lisa Lopez-Galvan.

A Tragic Incident Sparks a Call for Help

Lisa Lopez-Galvan, a mother of two and wife of 22 years, lost her life during the celebrations of the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory. Swift, an avid supporter of the Chiefs, was deeply moved by the heartbreaking incident that unfolded.

According to the GoFundMe page, Lopez-Galvan got bullet injury in the abdomen during the chaos that erupted at the parade. The fund aims to provide crucial financial support to her grieving family as they navigate the aftermath of this tragedy.

Swift’s Confirming Touch

Putting any doubts to rest, Swift’s representative confirmed to Variety that the donations made by the singer on the GoFundMe page were indeed legitimate. The sincerity and compassion behind Swift’s actions reflect her commitment to supporting those in need during challenging times.

A Remarkable Life Cut Short

Lisa Lopez-Galvan, aside from her role as a wedding DJ, was also the co-host of a Latin music program, “Taste of Tejano,” on a community radio station, KKFI, as reported by the Kansas City Star. The extent of her impact on her community and the lives of those around her amplifies the significance of the support pouring in through the fundraising efforts.