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Taylor Swift ‘considering legal action’ over AI deepfakes

In a disturbing trend plaguing the digital realm, Taylor Swift finds herself at the center of a deepfake scandal, prompting discussions about legal repercussions and the urgent need for legislative measures.

The ever-growing menace of deepfake crimes, involving the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create non-consensual media, reached a concerning peak last year, with approximately 500,000 instances shared across social media. Swift’s unfortunate inclusion in this controversial world came to light when AI-generated sexualized photographs of her at a Kansas City Chiefs game surfaced online.

The fabricated NFL-inspired images swiftly spread across various websites, sparking outrage among Swift’s fanbase and leading to the removal of an X (formerly Twitter) post sharing the fake images due to violation of platform guidelines.

A user, who claimed responsibility for the deepfake, brazenly posted the AI-generated images on social media, leading to a viral sensation. Expressing remorse later, the individual reportedly stated, “They might pass new laws because of my Taylor Swift post,” acknowledging the potentially far-reaching consequences.

Swift’s fan community, known as Swifties, rallied to her defense on social media platforms, condemning the AI-generated images as “insane” and “disgusting.” Calls for immediate action flooded X, urging the removal of the offensive content and emphasizing the need to protect Swift from such digital exploitation.

She becomes latest victim of deepfakes

As the controversy unfolds, a source close to Swift revealed that legal action is being contemplated. The insider stated, “Whether or not legal action will be taken is being decided, but there is one thing that is clear: These fake, AI-generated images are abusive, offensive, exploitative and done without Taylor’s consent and/or knowledge.”

Expressing shock at the social media platform’s initial tolerance of the content, the insider added, “The Twitter account that posted them does not exist anymore. It is shocking that the social media platform even let them be up to begin with.” Swift’s family and friends are reported to be furious, with calls for legislation to prevent and penalize such cybercrimes.

As of now, Swift has not publicly addressed the deepfake incident, leaving the public and her supporters awaiting her response to this violation of privacy. The case underscores the pressing need for legal safeguards in the face of escalating deepfake crimes targeting celebrities and individuals alike.