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Taxi driver drags man out of his taxi for littering and maroons him

Written by Logical Men

When someone doesn’t have his personal conveyance to travel then he uses a taxi to move from one place to another. If the place is near then walking on foot is also a choice of preference for some people. This guy took a taxi but unfortunately, he was marooned in the middle of his trip.

So, nobody likes litter. This taxi driver threw a passenger out of his taxi for littering. This is definitely taking the matter to a next level. No one can see this coming. The next thing which this taxi driver did was to leave the man alone on the road.

This all activity was to teach the man a lesson. The driver wanted him to know that littering at a public place was not a good thing. Many people keep their homes clean but forget to take care of their surroundings. They don’t feel the earth to be their home.

The footage of this incident was captured by a traveling car in St. Petersberg, Russia. The video shows a passenger riding in a taxi throwing out a piece of rubbish through the windows. The man who threw the litter out was not thinking about the damage which he was causing to the environment. The footage shows the taxi getting to a halt. The taxi driver in a furious mode came out of the driving seat. He was clearly angry. He took out the passenger and forcefully marooned him on the road. The taxi driver was determined to teach the guy a lesson. The driver of the taxi also picked up the piece of the rubbish.

The driver literally picked up the passenger from the seat and threw him out of the car. He didn’t think for a second before taking the action. He did it as he knew that he was doing the right thing.

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