Taco bell employee loses job after calling police on deaf customer

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Every now and then some strange incident of calling police on some person happens. Strange is in the sense that often people don’t think before involving the police for not so obvious reasons. The police once called arrives at the situation but later once they find nothing serious, it causes both the expenditure of resources and tax money. However, sometimes people are angry enough that they find nowhere to vent it out, except calling police. Something similar happened to this taco bell customers who called police on a deaf man.

A deaf man appears at the drive-thru and he was refused to be served

A dead man appeared at the drive-thru. The employee concerned refused to serve the deaf man and called the police. Dorothy, the parent of the deaf man reached Facebook and shared the entire story.

This is my Deaf son getting discriminated against in the Taco Bell drive-thru on Dorothy Ln in Kettering. He was trying to show them his order and they told him it was against company policy to take his order that way. Really?? Pretty sure the ADA would say otherwise. Uneducated people. (wrote the parent of the deaf person on Facebook)

The employees had refused to read the order of the deaf man. He was showing them something using his mobile phone screen. There was a window between the deaf person and the Taco Bell employees. The employees refused to serve the man, one of the employees even opened the window and handed the deaf man a piece of paper telling him that it was against company’s policy to serve. 

The deaf man refused to movie his car prior to getting served. The employees told him that they would have to call 911 if he didn’t move his car. One of the employees dialed the police number and called them on the spot. However, the Americans with Disabilities Act which was passed in 1990s prohibits any discrimination against differently-enabled people.

The incident was taken seriously and the franchise owner of the location was called. He told that concerned employee no longer worked for the franchise of Taco Bell. Washburn, the deaf man, said that he felt humiliated as they were mocking him.

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