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Syrian air defences mercilessly ‘shoot down 13 missiles’ fired in a US-led attack

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A footage that was broadcasted on a Syrian state television, shows the ruins of a chemical weapons research center. The ruins are the result of the airstrikes near Damascus.

According to the Pentagon officials, the target was the heart of Assad’s program to develop and produce the chemical weapon.

The Syrian military claims that there were more than a hundred missiles that were launched against a military base. They were dropped in Syria’s central Homs province and the research center which was destroyed. The center was located in Barzeh, near Damascus.

In the images that were displayed on Al-lkhbariya, a destroyed building and a burned vehicle can be seen.

The Syrian military claims that the attack destroyed the educational center and labs.

It says another attack with ‘a number of missiles’ targeting a scientific research center destroyed a building and caused other material damages but no human losses. The network says the building in the research center included an educational center and labs.

US officials said that three different chemical labs were targeted by missiles both from the sea and bombed from aircraft. Which also triggered the air defense of Syria.

There were up to 120 air strikes by the US and its allies after they found evidence of a chlorine-based chemical attack by Assad’s regime.

The Pentagon claimed that none of the air strikes were intercepted, however, Syrian state TV said its defense system shot down 13 missiles and as a result of these attacks three civilians were wounded.

Mattis and Dunford acknowledged the success of the strike claiming the strike was made to grade chemical weapon capability of the regime but without any collateral damage.

‘We specifically identified these targets to mitigate the risk of Russian forces being involved,’ Dunford told reporters, adding the U.S. military advised Russia of airspace that would be used in the strike but did not ‘pre-notify them.’

Chemical weapons were banned after WWI and using them on civilians is a direct violation of the international law, this happened after a video of Syrian children and women surfaced in which they were seen struggling for breath after being in a chemical attack.

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