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Sylvester Stallone hired navy seals as daughters’ trainers for NYC safety drills

A Glimpse into the Stallone Sisters’ Grueling Training and Unique Upbringing

The Stallone sisters, Sophia and Sistine, recently opened up about their challenging training experiences while filming the reality show “The Family Stallone.” In a candid conversation with the New York Post, they shed light on the demanding nature of their father Sylvester Stallone’s military-esque self-defense routines.

The Grind in the Woods:
Sistine revealed that the seemingly picturesque training footage showcased on the show was far from a walk in the park. The training, which lasted around six hours, left them physically exhausted. Despite the footage being edited to appear “nice and fluffy,” Sistine emphasized that it was the “hardest” thing they had encountered.

Dad’s Military-Esque Influence:
Both sisters acknowledged that their upbringing involved regular exposure to military-esque self-defense training. Sistine pointed out that their father had always immersed himself in such activities, shaping their lives with a routine that included rigorous workouts, from sit-ups and push-ups to clean and jerks.

Break of Dawn Rituals:
Sophia reminisced about the daily 6 a.m. routine that involved a unique breakfast combination of eggs with ketchup. Describing it as an “elite combination,” she highlighted how their father instilled discipline through a mix of physical activities, including golfing, pool, and even shot put.

Jennifer Flavin, Sistine Stallone, Sylvester Stallone, and Sophia Stallone at the Ralph Lauren Spring 2023 – Michael Buckner/WWD via Getty Images