SwipePad – Controlling Your Android with swipes

We all use Android smartphones because of the faster accessibility and more options as compared to the other smart phones. To enhance your accessibility I found a really good application and after configuring your application using the guide given in this post you will be able to perform your daily stuff and launch applications with great speed.

The name of the application is SwipePad. It’s really cool application when it comes to speed and a faster access to all of your applications and your Android phone. It’s a launcher actually and works as a overlay on your existing launcher.

How to make SwipePad work:

1- Get the application from the Playstore and after having it installed just fire up the application.

2- You will need to configure it now. It will show you a red line at the top right corner of screen using which you will be able to trigger the SwipePad to set your applications at the spots offered in the swipe area or you can say it as swipe panel.

3- Punch on that red line and you will get a circle, start dropping that circle on the empty holes to just assign as many applications as you want and then exit. The red line will disappear now but the area of red line at the top right corner of your Android phone is still active and you can trigger that at any time by touching the area to launch any application assigned with the help of circle.

4- Simple! Just touch the area assigned (A preset edge of screen) as swipe pad trigger and then you will get a ring. Just drop that ring over the application which you need to load. A fast time savvy process for bloggers like us and also for tech users who want to get maximum out of their device. Setting Area - Talkofweb

5- Above you can see the, Trigger area and also the setting area to assign the screen corner for triggering the swipe panel for applications.

Video: Triggering the SwipePad to launch Applications more faster and with ease: