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This “Swim Reaper” Instagram account is something which “Harry Potter” fans can’t unsee!

Harry Potter fans are everywhere and I myself loved the movies along with the novels. The books take you into another world and there lies a huge argument amidst the fans that whether books are good or the movie series. Well, personally both the books and movies are enjoyable. Everything enjoys its importance at its own place.

We see a lot of models posing on the beach and feeling happy but I know you might never have seen a “Swim Reaper” on the beach. This Grim Reaper basically waits outside the sea only to save those swimmers who made grave mistakes in water. I can seem awkward at first, a reaper coming and saving your life, but there is a deep message behind this act.

He sometimes plays the guitar while sitting in the wilderness around the beach. People coming to the beach don’t forget to share a snap with this swim reaper. He uploads every interesting moment on his Instagram account.

You must be thinking that why I discussed Harry Potter in the absolute beginning of the article? Well, remember that Dementor in the Harry Potter? The creature which feeds on happiness and eventually sucks away the soul. Now, this grim reaper appearance is close to a Dementor. It’s all happening on a New Zealand beach. This person has created an Instagram account which features a grim reaper giving life to people in the sea.

Imagine sitting on a beach and then suddenly a grim reaper comes to give you a beer.  Definitely, you’ll be startled by his appearance. So, this guy is doing exactly the same, he wants to communicate a message that life is short and one must not take it for granted rather live each day happily with all the available resources.

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