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SWAT raids innocent family for growing ‘Tomato Plants’ & then Judge sacks all ‘Incompetent Cops’

Written by Wamiq Ali

An innocent family in Wichita, KS got raided by SWAT for growing tomatoes. The judge slammed all the incompetent cops involved after the family brought the case in the court. It is deemed as a huge victory for fourth amendment.

Robert and his family were caught up in the country side sweep of the cannabis growers. They were suspected as cannabis growers just because they had a crop of tomatoes and some education based garden project. Kansas is one of the states where growing cannabis is illegal.

This lawsuit was disabled before in 2015 but on appeal, it got reinstated by the federal judge. The decision was taken in favour of the family and the incident was described as unjustified government intrusion and something based on nothing more than junk science.

This all started when police were regularly visiting garden stores in hope of catching some cannabis growers. One day when Robert with his children visited a garden store which was under surveillance by the cops, the family wanted to buy some stuff in order to fuel their under the basement garden project back at home.

The police took it as something fishy and the sergeant shared this information with the higher command. They were already planning to raid other suspected cannabis growers. This family made to the raid list as a result.

The thing got more serious when the faulty field test kits were used and the police deputies got adamant about the involvement of cannabis. Though the lab technician had the opinion otherwise, he thought that the tea leaves looked nothing like cannabis leaves or stem. The police had actually gone through Robert’s trash and had found alleged traces of cannabis. Though, their direction of movement was totally wrong.

These drug tests were never recorded and thus it served as a major milestone for the judge to give a decision against the police. It gave the involved officers a chance of lying. The police had issued warrants of raid based on wet tea leaves in the garbage and nothing more than the gardening supplies which the family had bought at that garden store which was under surveillance.

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