Survey: Women prefer dad bods over six-pack abs

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A recent survey has found that women prefer dad bods over six-pack abs. Although it may seem to be opposite to what is generally believes i-e women are attracted to guys with six-pack abs, but still having a men audience, such a good news must be shared with them. Thus, covering this survey was a duty though it may seem coming out of the blue.

The survey has been conducted by Planet Fitness and it tells us that many Americans now believe that dad bods are more acceptable as compared to the past. It’s a good survey which has been shared around Father’s day. The gym brand has also concluded that dad bods come in all shapes and forms.

61 per cent of the women who were asked a question of their preference told Planet Fitness that dad bods are superior. These women told the researchers that they prefer a less toned body type in case of the men. Not only the women but also the men were happy with their dad bods. The men in support of dad bods claimed that it helped them remain relaxed and satisfied. Well, definitely these men would feel relaxed because they don’t need to go to the gym. 80 per cent of the women believed that a dad bod is a sign of confidence. According to them, a man having a dad bod signifies that he’s happy in his own skin. 

People on Twitter preferred to share their opinion regarding the survey. Many women said that dad bods were pretty amazing.

Vice President of Marketing division at Planet Fitness, Jamie Medeiros said that because of the Father’s Day they wanted to convey a strong message to the dads around the globe. They wants to share through a message that being fine in their own skin was something important.

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