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Surgeons save constipated man’s life by removing 13kg of faeces

Written by Wamiq Ali

Surgeons saved a man’s life in China whose abdomen was so swollen from the internal pressure that it seemed as if it was going to burst open. Chinese media reported that a man named Zhou Hai was suffering from severe abdominal pangs. The pain was so severe that the patient was struggling hard to breathe. He was admitted to a hospital in Shanghai.

Zhou had been suffering from constipation since childhood and the laxatives which he took were not really proving him of any help. His parents never took his ailment quite seriously because constipation is not something severe in most people’s understanding. However, in Zhou case, the ailment took an 180-degree turn and became a life threatening situation. He was admitted in the emergency for a surgery.

In a three hour long intense operation, the doctors removed a portion of Zhou’s colon. The portion was 76cm long and weighed 13kg.

Zhou’s Colon populated densely with faeces

He was diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s disease in which a portion of the intestine is missing with nerve cells. The contraction of the intestine is prevented to not allow the faeces movement. Since the movement of faeces is blocked so it converts intestine into megacolon and constipation gets chronic.

The only treatment of this particular disease is the removal of affected portion of the intestine. However, there are rare cases of such disease and Zhou was one of those who suffered from this particular intestine disease.


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