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Supreme Leader demolishes North Korean’s Nuclear Test Site, seeks Trump’s association

NORTH Korea has put forward a claim of destroying its Punggye-Ri nuclear test site, the statement was issued in the presence of international media.

The same day an announcement of regret as made on Trump’s cancellation decision. They said that they are still willing to talk the United State at any time and any place.

Both Kim Jong-un and his nations First Foreign Minister said that they were left in shock upon hearing the news of cancellation.

Entrance to Punggye-ri test site (credits: AFP)

The abrupt announcement of the cancellation of the meeting is unexpected for us and we cannot but find it extremely regrettable,‘ Kim Kye Gwan, North Korea’s First Vice Foreign Minister, said in a statement carried by the state-run KCNA news agency.

The site was located in north-east of the communist country, and the destruction was carried out merely hours before the much-awaited summit was cancelled by the United States’ President.

Kim said:

We again state to the US our willingness to sit face-to-face at any time in any form to resolve the problem.

Dust arises from the gate of the tunnel at Punggye-ri test site (Credits: AFP)

The destruction of the nuclear site was not a direct response to the cancellation per se, the plans to close the site were announced by the North Korean dictator. The move has been seen as a good-faith gesture by Kim Jong-un before the summit that was planned with Trump in Singapore.

It is thought that about 20 foreign journalists were present during the dismantlement.

Tom Cheshire, a well-known journalist, told:

We hiked up into the mountains and watched the detonation from about 500 metres away. They counted it down – three, two, one. There was a huge explosion, you could feel it. Dust came at you; the heat came at you. It was extremely loud.

It blew an observation cabin made out of wood to complete smithereens.

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