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Supermarket removes all foreign goods to make a controversial point about racism, find out why!

Written by Wamiq Ali

A supermarket in Germany has made a point about racism by removing all the foreign good from the shelves. Merely German goods were kept that day for the customers.

The Edeka Supermarket in Hamburg wanted to confront the racism with the narrow-minded common views prevailing in common society. So, they decided to keep only German made goods for the store for a single day to teach the customers an important point about diversity.

They had messages like ‘this shelf is quite boring without a variety‘. The salad bar had a sign which said, ‘our selection knows border today.

‘So empty is a shelf without foreigners’, written on the counter cheese

This meant that there were no foreign goods in the store. No foreign Spanish tomatoes, no olives from the Greece. The cheese counter was empty. An eyewitness told that the scene of the store looked like Cuba.

If you view the video which is brought forward by the courtesy of Metro, then you’ll find what we are talking about!

After watching the video you do know that the shelves were empty that day and a lot of price tags had no items placed above them. Only German goods were sold which weren’t enough to provide the diversity.

A sign says ‘so empty is a shelf without foreigners’

A spokesman from Edeka gave an interview and mentioned that Edeka stands for the diversity. Edeka is known for its diversity and food from all over the globe. He mentioned that they received a lot of positive feedback regarding the Saturday’s action of removal of foreign products.

The super market chain on the other hand also provides healthy diet messages and on a separate campaign page, they provide recipe videos, diet tips, and BMI calculator.

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