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Superhit horror Bird Box fans point out they saw monster twice in the film

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Bird Box is the kind of movie which can run the imaginations of a person. It’s a good movie for someone who loves to watch something full of suspense. Many people didn’t like the ending of the movie as they felt like having a more absolute ending. The movie leaves the story on the comprehension of its viewers. Netflix has definitely produced a master piece and the actors have given their best.

Fans claimed of watching the monster twice

One thing which made this movie super hit was the removal of the monsters scenes in the movie. There are two group of people, one which can see the monster and feel happy while the other group can’t see the monster. If the later group watches the monster by mistake then it’s so poignant that it can become a suicidal counter. This movie because of its unique theme has taken the internet by storm.

The characters in the Bird Box use blindfolds to live their day to day life. 

The director of the movie wanted to keep the monster hidden in the entire movie. The first scene where viewers have a glimpse of the threat is when Bullock’s character is hiding in a house and the monster’s silhouette can be seen as it passes by the window, outside.

The second time when it appeared was with Gary. He drew some crazy pictures of the monster and later became crazy himself by setting eyes on the monster. The viewers felt quite frustrated after they couldn’t conclude anything from the movie. Many were of the opinion that the movie makers should have made the monster appear for sake of more climax and entertainment.

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