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Superbad officially gets voted for Funniest Film of the 2000’s

Written by Logical Men

Superbad has been voted as the best funniest film of the 2000’s. Most of you will be satisfied with the voting results as this movie is in the favourites of almost every person. Who can forget the misadventures of Evan, Seth and Mclovin. The film has rightly earned a good place in the ranking of the humorous movies of 2000’s.

The two actors, Jonah Hill and Michael Cera, haven’t looked back after creating their career in the movie as comedy leads. The two have become quite relatable in the upcoming age of comedy. Both of them are shown as two teenagers who are about to graduate the high school. Superbad is definitely a must watch if anyone hasn’t watched it already. The boys wants to unleash the man inside before graduating.

The film earned a huge sum of money. Only in the US it earned around $121,463,226. The amount spent on production was $20,000,000. These stats are provided by Box Office Mojo. Ranker, a website where people vote for their favourite stuff, has ranked the movie as one of the top productions of 2000s.

If anyone disagrees with this ranking then he can still cast a vote. Any such person may visit Ranker and downvote the movie. Despite the movie earning huge profits and the online chemistry of actors seemingly good, the Cinema Blend reports otherwise. It is said that Hill was much less enthusiastic about working with Christopher Mintz-Plasse aka Mclovin. According to him, “Chris just immediately shut me down. So combative. I was really annoyed because this guy wouldn’t let me say anything.

The ranking list is according to the following order:

The first rank is given to Superbad, the second to Step Brothers and third one is earned by The Hangover. The list of rest movies can be seen at the Ranker.

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