Suicidal man doused in gasoline catches fire after police use Taser on him

Written by Wamiq Ali

Police received a call about a man attempting to do suicide and the call was made by the family. Police arrived at the scene and the man became erratic again, so they had to use a stun gun on him, which caused him burst into flames.

Police received this call from 1600 block of Carla Avenue where two women had reported that a mentally challenged man was attempting to do the suicide. Police immediately sent officers who arrived at the situation and then rescued the lady out of the home. The officers had a talk with the lady and she told them about the gasoline situation.

Officers went to the man and started talking to him also trying to calm him down. While they were trying to talk to the man at a distance, he started to pour some more gasoline. Harrison said, ‘he poured more gasoline on himself and we also believed that he was holding a lighter in his hand’.

Thus, that was a moment of decision, an officer stepped ahead and used a taser to get a hold of the man. Suddenly the man caught fire and officers as an emergency measure had bought blankets. They covered him and put out the fire.

Police officers knew the risk of using a taser against an inflammable gas but still, they had to do it, because they thought that the man already had lighter in his hands. He had become a danger to everyone in his room because it looked like the room was also poured in gasoline.

The man was taken to the hospital and his condition is not yet known to us, however, there were three other people taken to the hospital too who had breathed enough smoke inside.

We’ll update you once we receive a word about the man wellness, this all happened in Arlington.

Fire Fighters reached the spot where this had happened

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