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Submit Sitemap to Bing Search Engine – Improve SEO of Blog

Last time I wrote an article about submitting a sitemap to the Google search engine so that your every new article may be added to the search results. Along with the Google search engine there are many other search engines are which are being used by the common public extract information from the internet. One of these search engines is Bing Search Engine. Which is actually owned by the microsoft. A lot of people (But least as compared to google) still use bing for there normal searches. Then its not a wise decision to skip the part of bing in your search engine optimization.

Bing SEO

Submitting a sitemap of your site to the bing is also an easy task to be done, but you will need a microsoft account or outlook, hotmail account for this. If you don’t have a hotmail account already then kindly sign up for the new account because without microsoft account you will not be able to get into.

Submitting Sitemap to the Bing Search Engine:

Login to the Bing Webmaster tools. Your hotmail or microsoft account can be used for this purpose. ( I am hoping that you have read the previous Google Sitemap addition guide and you have created your wordpress sitemap using the Google xml sitemaps Plugin, if you don’t understand this then kindly read: Google Sitemaps submission of WordPress Blog)

There is a portion in the Bing webmaster dashboard where you can add your site.

1- Add Site

At the next step you will need to provide the sitemap url, like if you have installed Google XML sitemap plugin to your wordpress then the sitemap path is:

2- Sitemap Path

Click on the add, after giving the direct path of the sitemap. You can also give sitemaps through the yoast, In my next article I’ll show how to setup yoast SEO plugin for wordpress. After you have written the path of the sitemap just click add.

Now you need to verify your website. This is the same step as we did previously in the Google Sitemap submission. There are methods given to verify your site, One of the best method is to download the xml file and upload it to the root directory of your hosting.

3- Bing Verify your Website

After that just click verify, and your sitemap will be added to the bing search engine and your every new post will be submitted to the search engine for people to search and discover.