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Stupid guy points paintball gun at his face and pulls trigger, regrets immediately

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People can be stupid and this one post corroborates this as a fact but this is not true for everyone; the notion only applies to some people. A video of a guy has went viral on the internet. It got shared on the Reddit. The video just shows that how stupid people can become and it reminds about those stupid and awkward challenges which took a trending space on the internet. Everyone remembers those challenges. Ice Bucket Challenge on the other hand was a healthy activity.

People might remember John Bucci as well, the guy who did something similar to this paintball-gun guy. He used firecrackers and strapped them on his chest for sake of fun. The idiot went viral on the internet because he had done something pretty unusual.

Note: We are sharing this as a news to restrain others from doing something like this; this article is merely for information purpose and it has in no way connection to the dangerous actions of the guy featured in the video.

He regretted after carrying out the awkward act. People left different comment son the video. A few called him stupid while others, very few, praised for his bravery. The top comment read, “I love stupid people like this. Thank you for this.

One guy shared his experience of pellet gun, he wrote that once he tried pellet gun on his body and the experience was unforgettable. He recommended that no one should try that for sake of his safety and peace. Someone asked in the comments if the guy lost his teeth, well the answer is yes. He did lose his teeth after hitting himself directly. The video is available on the Youtube.

Note: Complete video can be found on YouTube. However viewer discretion is advised. Watch

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