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Stupid guy almost kills himself after shooting fridge filled with explosives

Written by Wamiq Ali

This world is full of people who don’t judge their actions and don’t think before acting. I think planning is a must thing before doing anything in this world because for every action there is a good or bad reaction. Now, the choice of good vs the bad actually depends upon your planning. If you plan well before acting upon things, then chances are you’ll end up meeting your goals.

Shooting is a fun exercise and it also comes handy when you’ve a licensed weapon. Shooting practice has often found to help people in dangerous situations where they had a chance with self-defence. A person must know his surroundings very well before firing on any object and he must make sure about the safety measures. Firing off a rifle without an arm support, holding a gun without safety towards other people and not knowing about the safety lock of a gun are things which often cause accidents.

This guy along with his mates filled a fridge with explosives and then without calculating a safer distance, tried to shoot at it. The explosives while detonating generate a huge momentum, which forced the fridge to come fly towards the guy. Fortunately, the guy was saved because the mass of the flying object was quite high.

Guy Aiming at a Fridge filled with explosives

The moment after he fired the gun, that fridge came flying towards him, and his luck saved his life.

The residues of fridge coming at the guy

Watch the video below to get more details of the incident and make sure that whoever is involved in a shooting practice, calculates a safer distance. I guess this is an instant karma for filming in the portrait mode.

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