Study shows that Poo was found on every McDonald’s touchscreen after audits

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Personal hygiene is something which is quite important. It’s something basic which everyone learns from his home and school. A kid is often taught to remain clean by his parents, thus making it more of a nurture thing as compared to nature. However, if this cleaning habit is not developed than this nurture thing becomes a nature. A recent study conducted has showed that McDonald’s touchscreens are best places to find poo imprints.

This study was conducted by Metro in UK as they asked a senior lecturer in microbiology at London Metropolitan University. The study concluded that poo was found on every McDonald’s touchscreen which shows a poor hygiene condition of the citizens who used the screen. 

The samples were taken from six McDonald’s in London and two in Birmingham. Everyone was surprised by the findings of the samples taken from the touchscreen. Everyone was surprised to see that there was fecal and gut bacteria found through the samples. Well, fecal bacteria can also be found in places unexpected like kitchen. One Redditor commented on the news saying that he bets that the same kind of bacteria can be found from every public touch screen.

McDonald’s responded to this situation quickly

McDonald’s statement is totally different, they claimed as this news went viral that they clean their screens frequently throughout the day. “All of our restaurants also provide facilities for customers to wash their hands before eating,” added McDonald.

Well, this one study brings some attention regarding the public touchscreens. Anyone using these touchscreens must keep in mind to clean or wash their hands afterwards. It’s always a good habit to wash hands before eating anything. This ensures that the wrong kind of germs don’t end up in the stomach.

It’s responsibility of people to remain clean as their personal hygiene is somehow connected to the health of others.

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