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Study reveals humans went close to extinction 3 times, once falling as short as 600 humans in total

Written by Wamiq Ali

A disputed study recently re-emerged on the internet and the people are getting sceptical about its truth. It tells there were these 3 times when human went close to extinction. Today the story is different and humans can be found in almost every corner of the earth.

1.2 Million years ago, human population was extinct, says the gene study!

Some years back scientists were trying to find the most common ancestors to the human race. Mobile genetic elements are those elements which don’t stay put rather they get carried away into the next evolution. These elements colonise themselves to make a gene. Gene one form they stay. One such element is the Alu element. Scientists based their study on this gene and found that 1.2 million years ago the things were not much good. Homo sapiens, Homo ergaster and Homo erectus were collectively about 18000 to 26000 in number and this number is quite small.

It means that every possible individual alive at that time that can contribute to humans was smaller in number than the today present gorillas population.

150,000 years ago and the big chill

Around 150k years ago, the world lost its temperature to a great extent. The temperature dropped in winter and then the summer. The era is officially called Marine Isotope stage 6.

We know that this happened after analysing the oxygen isotopes present in the deep sea sediment samples. It is also called as ice desert stage and the world was almost ice.

Most studies suggest that the human number fell as low as 600. Some very wise people actually moved to a place which we know as South Africa. The warm water and below the soil level nourished vegetables served them a good chance of survival. The sea also nourished a large amount of shell fish. A cave named as PP13B near Pinnacle Point in South Africa was explored and some tools made with the shell of shell fish were discovered.

70,000 years ago the Toba explosion, took place!

70k years ago, Sumatra blew apart and this was super eruption,  these eruptions are different than the normal volcanic eruption. These catastrophes are different than earthquakes because their environmental effects threaten the civilizations.

The Toba eruption is one of these super eruptions which earth faced. It made a crater so wide that the ash and radiation effected everyone. The crater later became a lake called as Toba lake.

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