Study: Dog owners take more photos of their pups than their spouse

A new study has revealed a strange habit of the dog owners. The result of the study shows that the dog owners keep more pictures of their pups as compared to their spouse. You might have a slight idea that people normally take pictures of their pets. Looking around, you might have realised this phenomena, dog owners are often seen busy taking pictures of their pets. Some dog owners also say that they have developed a strange habit of snapping every move of their dog because of the instant availability of smartphone camera. The availability of camera can also be termed as a reason behind this picture snapping binge. However, all these claims are not backed by any sort of study.

This study has been conducted by, It’s a site like Airbnb of the dog sitters and walkers. The site found that when it comes to taking pictures and photos, people often prefer to picture their four legged family-members as compared to the two-legged. The research work showed that 65 percent of the dog owners have taken more pictures of their dog than their significant other. This figure is indeed a huge number. The survey also revealed that 29 pc of the dog owners post more pictures of their dog on social media as compared to their friends and family. also revealed different tendencies in the dog owners. These tendencies might appear to be unique to certain dog owners and they might be believing that they are into this all alone. However, shows an entirely different story. Over half of the dog owners would consider ending their relationship if they believe that their dog didn’t like their partner. One the other hand, a quarter have made up songs which they sing to their dogs as a token of love. Sometimes, these dogs sing along too. Other than this, 47 pc of dog owners have revealed that they find it hard to stay away from their dogs for more than a week.

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