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Students laugh & beat up a homeless man to death are now charged as adults

Written by Wamiq Ali

3 high school students have been charged as an adult after beating death of a man in North East Philadelphia Holmes Burg section a week ago. This 3 students from Abraham Lincoln High School were identified as Brandon Conrad, 14, of the 4600 block of Oakmont Street; Malik Page, 16, of the 4700 block of Oakmont Street; and Emmanuel Harris, 17, of the 4400 block of Shelmire Street, the identities were released on philly.com

According to the homicide captain Jack Ryan, a fourth person was also present during the attack but he wouldn’t be charged. The fourth person involvement in the incident hasn’t been shared with the public and his details are kept hidden.

These three Students face murder and robbery charges in an attack which caused the death of Kevin Cullen who was 57 years old. According to the police the Cullen and had died from sharp blow to his head.

In an interview, Ryan said that Cullen could not be regarded as a complete homeless guy and that contradicts to the earlier reports which declared him homeless. The guy was definitely involved in bouncing from places to places.

He said, “I wouldn’t characterize him as homeless; he was definitely bouncing from place to place, living with different people all the time,” and further added, “He was definitely well-known in the neighborhood. Frankly, we didn’t encounter any neighbors that had a bad thing to say about the man.

On November 26th during the evening the police were reported about a robbery in progress on the 4200 block of Loring street. The police responded to the incident and when they arrived the situation they found Cullen unconscious. He was dishevelled and his pockets were turned Inside Out. Nothing was taken out of his pockets but it was quite clear that the robbery was the motive.

The guy was brought to the Hospital but he died the next morning. It was soon found that the three students of a school were responsible for the robbery and his death. The police reported that the oppressors laughed as they left the scene after beating up the man against a brick wall. The Neighbours gave the statement that they could hear the victims head hitting against the brick wall.

Philly.com reported Ryan’s statement regarding the calamitous incident, “Committing robbery is not the answer for boredom, It shouldn’t be your rite of passage. It can have tragic consequences. This man died as a result of it and these three young men are going to jail for some time.

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