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Students beat up teacher after he smashed their ‘Fidget Spinners’

Written by Wamiq Ali

Ridiculous, why would someone beat up a teacher for fidget spinners? This is beyond my understanding. Fidget spinners just like that Pokemon game got a lot of traction but the trend is almost over but looks like these kids are still obsessed with the notion of a rotating toy. They have zero tolerance for their teacher and that makes me a little worried because videos like this are actually showing the other story.

The kids are an asset to any nation and once they turn into an adult they are ones who are responsible for future. Different kids adopt different professions in the future but almost everyone plays some important role towards the economy of any country where they are born. Zero tolerance in any matter is like an act of fight.

Looks like this teacher had a rule in place to not use fidget spinners during the class and these guys must have broken that rule. So, like a regular day, the teacher crushed those toys. Anyone might be wondering that what actually made these kids so angry? Well, those fidget spinners were custom made and they had poured a lot of hard work into them.

Thus, to avenge their fidget spinners they simply started beating up the teacher after his class. The kids got suspended and one of the kids was stupid enough to come back next day and ask for some more drama. The teacher was 50yo and he got jumped by 3 students just because he had crushed their fidget spinners. In the short video the students can be seen beating him up but in the wake of the attack the teacher also beats up a student at the end.

The student next day came back to the school but he got arrested.

The kid was stupid and at this age, he couldn’t forget his teacher beating him up for self-defence. The arrest was inevitable.

Do watch the video embedded above and look at how the students participated in the brawl and attacked their own teacher.

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