Student punches two teachers in face during graduation ceremony

Written by Wamiq Ali

I don’t know how to describe those two punches in the video which this adult gave to the professors on the graduation day. It kind of felt bad to watch those two professors getting beaten up. The behaviour of the student gives clues about him being ‘Special Needs’. Because he was being escorted by an adult who did a terrible job to contain the graduating student.

The adult accompanying the graduating student was the first clue of him being special needs. The second clue was the first professor being punched by the student. The third clue was quite clear after the second female professor got punched in the face. Now, either he is a complete savage guy or he is mentally challenged.

Sometimes public freakouts happen and get painted in the name of mental illness. However, one of the comments on the video described the guy as autistic, the girl in the comments claimed to be a graduating fellow i-e graduating in the same batch. There were other people in the comments too, who were of the view that twice the same mistake was something done deliberately. Watch the video below and decide yourself.

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