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Student claims he got suspended from school as he refused to participate ‘Gun-Control March’

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Was a student really suspended from the school after he refused to go to the National Walkout Day? Well, the story is partially true but there are other factors which must be considered before giving any verdict. This Ohio school student was suspended after he decided to not participate in a walkout protest over gun violence.

The student was suspended after he remained in the classroom while his other twelfth-grade class-fellows left to take part in a walkout protest. This news was primarily reported by Fox News. On March 17th, this student named Jacob Shoemaker, a senior at Hilliard Davidson High School said that he didn’t feel like taking sides in the gun-control debate thus he decided to remain in school. He didn’t want to go outside for the walkout. He was interviewed and he told that if he went out he was supporting gun control and if he remained inside the common area of the school, he was supporting gun violence.

Thus, he decided to stay in the class in order to do his homework of 20 minutes. The teacher and fellow classmates left and locked the door. After they returned the boy, Jacob was slapped with a suspension.

The story went quite viral on the social media and a lot of people automatically assumed that the kid was suspended because he decided to not support the pro-gun rights stance.

But wait, Jacob was not suspended because he refused to be a part of the protests, instead, he was suspended because he was given a choice to either take part in the walkout along with his classmates or to sit out the event in study hall. However, Jacob felt that following any of the asked course of action was tantamount to choosing sides, thus he preferred to remain in the classroom. Thus, failing to follow the instructions Jacob got suspended.

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