Struggling 24yo wins a $767 million lottery jackpot

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Life is quite unpredictable and one can’t predict that what would happen in the next few moments. Therefore, one should learn to live in present. Everything beyond the present is too uncertain to be thought about. The universe is a planned random thing and so is life which is dependent on the choices which humans make. Manuel Franco happened to be one among the many who didn’t know what future held for him. Little did the guy know that he would become a millionaire. He won the third largest lottery of the United States in terms of monetary value. The guy won $768 million last month.

The news story is a little more strange because the guy was hardly keeping up with his finances. Before winning the lottery, he was hardly able to maintain $1,000 in his bank account. However, after winning the lottery his luck changed. The guy also didn’t cash his prize weeks after winning the lottery.

The 24yo walked into a New Berlin petrol station when he bought a $10 lottery ticket. He pretty much felt lucky when he bought the ticket. Next day when he took a look of the tickets he realized that one was stuck to the other, however the stuck ticket was about to change his life. When he learned that he had won lottery, his heart started to race, the blood started pumping, and he screamed for about 10 minutes.

When he learned that he had won the lottery, paranoi took over. He started to think that the entire world was after him. It took him long before he thought himself to be safe and took out the golden ticket from a safe spot in his home. However, after a month he decided not to hide anymore and he declared himself as the lottery winner.

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