Street Fight: Savage bully pulls off the MMA Armbar technique and chokes the girl unconscious

Written by Wamiq Ali

Two girls indulge in a street fight and one of the girls renders the other girl unconscious. One of the girls had some serious fighting skills and that helped her dominate the other girl. This fighter girl used MMA armbar technique with quite a perfection.

Someone recorded the whole incident, the footage shows two teenage girls indulging in a street fight. There is a huge difference in this street fight, one of the participants actually has some fighting skills. The two girls started engaging by feet. The girl wearing a hoodie actually dragged the girl to the ground and dominated her like an MMA fighter.

The girl in black shorts seemed to be totally immature in the fight. She tried attacking the girl in the hoodie but all in vain. The hoodie girl was avoiding attacks like some real fighter. The hoodie girl slammed the girl to the floor after grabbing her with hairs. Then she grabbed her neck between her legs and started punching her on the back of her head.

The girl in shorts tried avoiding the punches, still in senses, but all went in vain. The attacking girl who had already dominated the girl in shorts tried to suffocate her by clenching her neck. However, the girl in shorts made herself free of the grip. This time the hoodie girl grabbed her free arm and bent it in the opposite direction. I’m pretty sure her arm got snapped.

The leverage allowed the hoodie girl to pull off the MMA armbar, and this suffocated the other girl so much that she went unconscious. The video ended and I was wondering why didn’t the people stop the more mature fighter to stop bullying the immature one?

We can’t embed the complete video here because it’s graphic in nature, but don’t worry you can watch video on Facebook:

Watch Video, MMA Armbar technique Vs the bullied girl

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