Stray cat breaks into zoo, becomes best friends with a lynx

A Russian stray cat broke into a zoo in 2007 and became best friends with a lynx. The incident took place in St. Petersburg, Russia. It’s only a couple of days back that the story resurfaced and the internet started to show some genuine regards for the story, for the same reason I have decided to cover the story.

The reasons to cover this old story are genuine and pretty clear. The story is cute, unique and it happened in real life. It’s positive, and beyond positivity what other need do you require to go through this story? I bet you might not have come across a real story in which a cat became best friends with a lynx.

The Lynx started to show emotions towards the cat. It was a rare site and the car herself was not sure what was going on.

People might be thinking that since a lynx is a pretty different animal; therefore, it would not have any affection for anyone outside it’s family. However, as the cat entered the zoo, it was a lynx which started to lick the cat out of pure love. 

Getting to a little back story, the kitten was already wandering around in the zoo. As it came across a lynx it decided to get into the enclosure. The zoo authorities believe that the kitten wanted to eat the leftover food of the lynx.

What came in the mind of lynx is not clear; however, he started to develop some love for the kitten which became evident from his actions

The zoo officials were pretty much shocked when they came across the duo. They were least expecting a cat to be with a lynx. The officials for sake of the kitten’s security preferred to take it out of the lynx enclosure. However, soon after that kitten climbed back into the enclosure. It appeared that the kitten had found a new friend. The two young animals had quickly bonded and they were not ready to be separated.

Later, the zoo officials allowed the kitten to stay in the enclosure. They named the lynx as Linda and kitten Dusya.

The duo started to live together and preferred to grow old together. It was a story which took place in 2007 and emerged in 2019 on the face of the internet

Later, someone captured a video of Linda and Dusya. It went viral and everyone was pretty much touched by the gesture of the two animals. Back in 2014, the zoo officials in Russia decided to share the video of the incredible duo. The video showed Linda and Dusya being comfy with each other and licking each other out of pure love. The two cats cuddled together. It was a pretty much sweet gesture, one that can melt the heart of anyone. A gif of their cuddling can be found on imgur.

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