Stranger Things Season 4 to be filmed in October this year

Stranger Things has entered into the Season 3 and a lot of fans have just loved this latest release. Once it’s over, almost everyone is waiting for the next season. This particular Netflix sponsored season has been making into the headlines since long and definitely it urged us to publish the news regarding next release of the season. The good news is that this year in the month of October, Stranger Things Season 4 would be filmed.

The show is just perfect for binge-watching and it has definitely taken the brand name Netflix to another level. The fans are already waiting for its fourth season because of the added thrill and suspense. The show completes every aspect of a modern day perfect season.

One thing is pretty clear with the show getting more and more famous, that is the perfection shown by young actors. The perfection can only be seen if the involved actors are trying their best to convey a good version of their acting. The shown skills of the young actors in the season three make it pretty clear that everyone is giving his best to take the show to a new heights of the fame.

The bonding of Max and Eleven over Wonder Woman comics and their increasing relation over sleep overs has made things look more amazing and exciting. It’ll be interesting to watch the future episodes of the season, as the fiction would be more strong than the past seasons. However, it’s possible that season 4 might become the concluding season for the series. The fans should keep that in mind. It means that once it gets released in 2020 then like the Game of Throne, the fans would be pretty much disappointed that their favourite season came to an end. However, its ending would be pretty much planned instead of the Game of Thrones, in which the fans complained of having an abrupt and unplanned ending.

Netfix has yet to make an official announcement regarding the season four. However, co-creator Ross Duffer in an interview to Entertainment Weekly has shared what fans could expect in season 4.

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