Stranger kept on blocking guy’s parking space so he uses his mechanical skills to hide stranger’s car

Parking space problems are too many to discuss. One situation is often faced by most drivers. Sometimes inconsiderate drivers just park their car in a wrong position which makes it hard for others to take their cars out of the parking space. These inconsiderate people park their cars at such a close proximity in wrong position that it blocks way of many other cars.

Something similar happened to this guy who had his amazing mechanic skills teach a lessor to the stranger who was blocking his car on the daily basis in the parking lot. The disgruntled car owner explained in a post that an annoying trend started to happen to his car in a private parking space. Determined to find a solution he tried many solutions but nothing worked. Thus he finally decided to take a revenge in another way.

A random car started to be parked in front of this guy’s car

The guy starts his post describing the limited capacity of the private parking space. He has two neighbours who park their two cars along with his own. Further this guy also allows his friends to park their car sometimes after giving him a prior notice, since the rest of the parking space blocks his way of taking out his car.

This one stranger starts to park his car in front of this guy’s car blocking his way out

An unusual trend started on Friday nights, a stranger’s car came and parked in the exact same spot where this guy allows his friends to park sometimes. The stranger blocked the way of the guy’s car making him annoyed. This continued for 5 weeks. The guy also put notices with a print of the number plate, he also wrote that if something like this would happen in future then he’d like to press the charges. However, nothing worked.

This happened again, but this was last time

After he wrote a note about pressing charges, one day this happened again, same car and same spot. Thus, he decided to get the car towed, he called on the building management and a towing company. The towing company refused to help because of the parking space being on the 3rd floor where their trucks were unable to reach.

This was enough of the trouble and time waste. However, suddenly he came across an idea of using Car Positioning Jacks which were present in his parents home who lived at 30 minutes drive from his home. 

These jacks are placed beneath the wheel of the car after lifting the car a little using hydraulic jack, this allows free movement of the vehicle

Thus he called on his mates and brought some car positioning jacks. They then decided to move the stranger’s car in a dark spot of the parking just behind a load bearing pillar. The space was merely enough for one car to fit in without any possibility of taking it out without the jacks. So, they moved the vehicle between the pillar and the wall. It wasn’t an area with enough light. The car was literally hidden.

The guy came back after a week and was happy to see the car in same position

After they had parked the car behind a pillar, they came back after a week only to see the car was there, with wheels changed. Someone had tried to take out the car but they failed. However, a few days after the car was gone and no one knew how they managed to take out the car, but after that it never appeared.

Guy shared an animation to explain the parking position of the stranger’s car after moving it on Car Positioning Jacks

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