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Strange shadows started to appear in San Francisco, All thanks to this St. Artist who confused people

Written by Wamiq Ali

This street artist paints fake shadows of street objects to confuse people. Damon Belanger is the artist behind this endeavour. He plans on expanding his art work through drawing shadow illusions of the street objects.

This graphic artist was commissioned to install 20 fake shadows in the downtown area of Redwood City. The goal was to bring more creativity to the area. The result of his creativity is just awesome and if you look at the photos then you will think that these shadows are so real. This street artist surely is quite perfect at doing his job. The color blend and the amount of precision which is required to make such shadows are just unimaginable. However, this artist knew the right blend and the right angle of the shadows.

He manipulates the original shadows and creates something fun out of it, now look at the above picture taken in the San Francisco Bay Area. Two same objects have different shadows. This kind of arts just makes the city more beautiful.

He has been working locally on various forms of painted arts for 10 years. He has explored a multitude of various themes and styles. The artist also gets various mentions in media for his endeavors. 

Damon has also contributed to the graphics of a game. His work can be seen in San Jose exhibition. A cyclist can be seen passing by in the picture above. The shadow, on the other hand, depicts a merged dragon.

This is awesome. He uses a grill and paints some carts moving on it.

A sea monster may be? I guess, right. The monster though looks happy.

Again a moving object using a safety grill shadow. I wonder what the real shadow does to the drawing.

Pay here, turned into something else in the shadow.

This art is the scary and beautiful domain. It depicts both the world. If you look closely at the legs and body ratio and then the symmetry of the head.

This is just plain beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

Enough to confuse someone.

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