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‘Strange Penguin’ swims 8000KMs and returns yearly to the man who once saved its life in 2011

Ever heard a human bird love story? This story is about a penguin who returns to the guy who once saved his life. A Loyal penguin who isn’t ready to forget its well-wisher.

It all happened on the coast of south east Brazil. The Penguin got rescued by Joao Pereira de Souza and the friendship started in 2011. Penguin since 2011 returns every year to an island off Rio de Janeiro to show his gratitude to the rescuer.

In Brazil, it’s illegal for you to keep wild animals as pets. Though this relationship is of different nature, the Penguin comes back to his friend willingly. People normally think that the penguin isn’t going to return to its old friend.

The man had found this penguin close to death in 2011. It was covered in oil and could have died if left untreated. The man picked up the penguin and helped him out of the situation. The Penguin stayed with the man for 11 months but one day it suddenly left the man alone.

The man calls the Penguin Dindim. So, Dindim has some pure love for the man and the same love forces it to return every year to the coast of Brazil and meet the old man. In order to reach the man each year, the Penguin has to swim for about 8000Kms.

The Penguin loves the man so much that whenever it sees him, it starts to wiggle its tail like a pet dog. It also honks in delight. Penguin doesn’t allow anyone to touch it or in another case, it pecks the person. Professor of zoology is quite alarmed after looking at their sweet relationship. He thinks that the Penguin thinks the guy a part of his family.

Watch the documentary showing their sweet relation!

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