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Stories behind Successful entrepreneurs

Leaders are born; not made but successful entrepreneurs are born as well as made with their immense hard work, practice, focus and integrity. Entrepreneur can’t just be practiced by teaching in a class unless and until you have a positive attitude, creative culture and drive to be successful.

There are many following characteristics which one has to have in order to become a successful entrepreneur:-


Characteristics of Successful entrepreneurs:-

1- Focus, Focus & Focus:

Focus is the key to success. A good businessman is directional and knows what he intends to do and what he wants to achieve in his life. It is also helpful when selecting the right market for the business. Believe in yourself, plan your actions, set your prioritizes, be watchful of your resources and be firm in your decision making processes. The seriousness of successful entrepreneur also makes their relationships with other stakeholders. When people see you active in your domain, they will also be motivated and feel excited in working with you.

2- Love what you do:

After focus, your love for the work is another element which differentiates successful entrepreneurs from ordinary men. It is true that wealth, fame, name, recognition; you shall gain all from business but even they become short term if you don’t like what you do. Love thy work is the famous adage and for successful entrepreneur, its importance is increased many folds.

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3- Plan and prioritize:

Success comes with proper planning and mind mapping. Be it a small business or a larger venture, setting priorities and setting up a plan action is the first and the foremost work to start with. It also helps in determining the amount of recourses on hand, and time management.

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4- Grab the right Customers:

It is always better to define your target audience. Even if you plan to launch a general product, and you choose to target a mass market, again make a niche for that mass market too. As said earlier focus is really important, this way you shall be able to better develop your product according to the needs and wants of the customers. Also ensure that whatever you do should be centered on your customers.

Successful Entrepreneur:

Now we are going to talk about few successful entrepreneurs who have shown that with little efforts, one can make a name in the world:-

Face Book: Did anyone amongst us ever have an idea of socializing on internet before the birth of face book? The credit for that matter goes to Mark Zuckerberg, who at the small age of 29 years has proven to the world that there are even other ways to keep in touch with old friends. Face Book is very famous among people and the website is said to catch around 100,000,000 visitors each month. Mark Zuckerberg is known to be in the list of wealthiest & famous man on earth.

Google: There is no one all across the globe that has not used Google. Com. Before the website, people had to go to various WebPages to find data according to their need. However with the arrival of, the concept of search engine arose and thus net surfing became an adventure. Larry Page came with idea back in 1998 and now it’s a success story.

Other Success Stories of successful entrepreneurs:

Starbucks, eBay’s, Amazon, you name it; the world’s top ranked companies are made by successful entrepreneurs, with their positive attitude, diverse knowledge and their love of work. Business means creating competitive advantage over your competitor and staying ahead in that market.

Create Culture:

Culture determines norms, values, processes and style in which you work and you may want your team to work. Creating an open, learning and innovative culture is essential for businesses. When people are allowed to test and apply their knowledge, businesses success. Same is true for Bill Gates when he devised Windows and Steve Jobs Apple. If we see Steve Jobs initial life history, he proves to be a failure but he had a faith in himself which paved a way towards his success. Similarly for Microsoft, need was of the new generation, out of the box thinking, so if Steve Jobs or Bill Gates had suppressed the idea generation process, they would not had become what they emerged.

What: you must do to become a Successful Entrepreneur:

As mentioned above; innovation, creativity, positive culture & new idea generation are the key to entrepreneurship. Here I want to mention an important factor which is risk bearing ability. Business is all about rise and falls and if you are not risk tolerant, you may not be able to go long way.

Successful entrepreneurs are ordinary people like all of us; difference is only in their thinking, attitude, skill set and knowledge base. They are equally qualified and most of them are even schools left outs (Bill Gates), but they had positive attitude and they believe in themselves. Thus there is no short cut to success.