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This store policy of an Indian Food Shack is Freaking Hilarious

Restaurants nowadays are different from the past. I remember visiting themed cafes and restaurants for the past 6 years. Restaurants are good but a lot of people think that the restaurants charge more than the food price, I think they charge for the ambience and service. Visiting restaurants with friends and listening to their good adventures is something relaxing. If it gives you happiness then the money paid in the restaurant is a valuable spend.

An Indian food shack has a hilarious welcome note displayed, as you enter. I think this is freaking interesting and is going to appeal any gender and age. First of all, they mock Burger King and they also accept the fact that customers can be right mostly. Respect and some dollars can both earn you a good serving. They have also mentioned the service limits in the point number 5. However, the next point is to avoid naked couples, but still, they are welcoming women.

Credits: Reddit/user/ST0L3N_PR1D3

Rest is the casual stuff but “No Patience Go 2 ur Mama House” is hilarious. Obviously, grown ups have patience and only mothers can hear the baby cry. Free is a word unknown to them, one must pay for the food.

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