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‘Storage Wars’ auctioneer sells unit Worth $7.5 million for just $500

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There can be no limit to the stupidity which often ensues in certain circles of the society. A few people term stupidity as a relative term as its intensity can vary from person to person. Storage Wars star Dan Dotson did something strange. He sold a unit worth $7.5 million for merely $500. This news broke the internet as it’s the wish of almost everyone to get rich and have some competitive advantage of their lifestyle on the others.

How Dan Dotson learned about his mistake of losing millions of dollars

Dan Dotson was not even aware of the crime which he had committed by letting go the fortune. The co-star wife Laura told The Blast about the mistake which the couple committed. She said that they were approached by a woman at one of auctions of Dan Dotson. The woman told them about the auction worth millions for just $500.

She walked up and told me her husband works with a guy who bought a unit from me for $500 and found a safe inside

NewYork Times

The woman told them that this guy who had bought the storage unit for worth $500 realised that there was a safe inside of it. Thus he took this storage unit to a lock expert. This expert broke open the safe for this guy only to find that there were millions of dollars resting inside. The two of them were surprised and the owner who was in possession of the storage unit became happy.

Things didn’t stop here, the new owner was approached by an attorney

The new owner happy with his possession was soon approached by an attorney of the former owner. The former owner didn’t want to cash to be an easy cookie for the new owner. This old owner offered cash worth $600,000 in exchange for the storage unit along with the contents of the safe.

Later they both came to a deal and the new owner took $1.2 million to return everything which he had bought for $500. The old owner took the deal.

Dotson said that the money was obviously shady. There is a reason such a money was not in bank. This might be connected to some drug cartel or some mafia earnings.

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