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Steve-O undergoes surgery after getting severe burns during ‘Rocket Engine Fuel’ stunt

Steve-O as we all know always tried to push his limits to experience a new adventure. He never feared to pull out dangerous stunts. Recently he was admitted to hospital because of severe burns which he received during ‘Rocket Engine Fuel’ stunt.

According to TMZ, the star underwent surgery after he made snow angels in rocket engine fuel. Steve-O is known for his amazing stunts in US prank series, Jackass. He is 42 years old and quite young by his spirits. Recently he went through a fuel stunt and after that, his arm got covered in boils. This happened after he swirled his arms in rocket fuel.

Warning Graphic Content Ahead, if you have a weak heart or you don’t like burns then close this article.

Steve-O posted a picture of his arm covered in boils after he did the stunt. He wrote in the description of the picture posted online, that after having severe pain he has decided to visit the hospital. He has currently 2.9M followers.

The pain was increasing after 5 days and so he decided to visit the hospital. In the hospital, he wanted to take the cream which might reduce the burning pain. However, the hospital staff told that he urgently needed a surgery. He said that the incident was great for two reasons.

My new comedy special is truly the next level of crazy and awesome, and I finally have an answer for the one question I’ve been asked BY FAR the most: “Which stunt hurt the most?” The answer– “Fire Angels in my living room at my house”.

He also posted a video on his Instagram from the hospital. Such a big heart and a courageous person he is, I think this guy knows how to live life.


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He also wrote that he would miss his finger after the surgery. Because the finger was a great emblem of ‘eff you’. He further added, ‘he is in great mood today, so if any paparazzi want to talk to me, I’m landing in LA tonight at 9:45pm on AA flight 1596… see you in 4 hours and 45 minutes! xoxo..’

If you want to see his boils and before/after surgery videos then kindly go to youtube. You may use the search bar with keywords, ‘ Don’t be a dick – Steve-O’ and the video has two parts in total. I’m not going to embed the video here because a lot of people have a problem with the burns and they might start getting offended.

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