How to Stay positive during tough time

Life is not a bed of roses. You have to face difficult times as well. They can be in any form and they can be a source of grief for you. There could be many reasons behind the grief like unemployment, losing the loved ones, failure in studies, unable to do anything for your loved one. Grief can’t be avoided. What is meant to happen is going to happen in your life anyway. You can’t change it but the thing you can control is your attitude during that tough time. Some time when you see yourself in a trouble you get panicked and think this as end of your life but the thing is that you need to put yourself together and get yourself through that tough time. All you need is to stay positive and keep yourself together and you will find yourself bit relaxed.

Here are few tips which will help you to stay positive during tough times


Avoid Negative thoughts:

One of the most important thing is that you need to avoid negativity and stop your mind from indulging into negative thoughts. For example if you are worried about being unemployed, think about that which you love to do , think about that the job is not the thing to define your personality. If you are sad on losing someone try to think that they were not meant for you and they don’t deserve to be with you. This will help a lot

Keep yourself busy:

Another effective way is to keep yourself busy in different activities. Maintain a busy schedule and this will help you to get out of the difficult time. Watch your favorite TV shows, try to do those thing you cheers you a lot, spend some time with your loved ones, hangout with your friends, visit some picnic spots, adapt yourself with the habit of reading good book. This will help you a great deal

Imagine the ideal version of you:

When you are feeling stressed try to imagine yourself in an ideal manner. Think of yourself to be a flawless personality or try to think of that personality which you want to be. Then you can think of those decisions and choices which your ideal personality would make in that kind of situation. This will cheer you up and help you to relax your mind.

Socialize yourself:

Another good advice to get through bad times is to get socialize. Try to meet new people every day. Try to expand your friend’s circle. Meeting new people will give you exposure and you will gain new experiences which will help you to forget about past and move on

Try to be helpful to others:

Being helpful to others will increase your positivity. Try to find the ones around you who are in need of your help. Helping some old fellow in crossing a road, carrying the groceries for the your neighboring old lady, donating some cloths to homeless chap. All these thing will increase your positivity and you will feel yourself that you are moving on toward a new time.

Be physically active:

If you are experiencing some bad time it doesn’t mean that you should avoid your health. It will broke you mentally and physically as well. Try to take good care of yourself. Keep your body physically active. Get a membership of the nearest fitness center and spend some time there in order to keep yourself physically fit. This will help you a lot to stay positive during tough time.

Try to find what life really means to you:

The ones who think that life has a purpose tends to be happier than those who live it meaninglessly. If you are facing the tough time being unemployed then try to think that the job is not only the purpose of your life. There are many other things in life worth doing. Some people would find the purpose of life in religion and other would find this in philosophy. Some will like the adventure and other would prefer the easy life. It’s totally dependent on your thinking that what you want to do with your life. This is another tip to stay positive

Get some professional help if you need it:

If you have tried your best to stay positive and nothing is helping you to feel god then you need a professional help. Some of the tough situations are very difficult to overcome at your own. If you find yourself with any symptoms of depression or anxiety, try not to deal with it on your own. See your physician as soon as possible for the recommendation of therapist.

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  • Reading motivational books is a great way to increase positivity.

    Try reading an inspirational book just before going to bed.

    Or you may choose to read biographies of great people – who survived tough times and rose above the crowd.

    Feeding your mind with positive thoughts is an effective method to help you stay positive during hard times.