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Starving caged bears beg for scraps as they are forced to watch dining families at riverside restaurant

Animal cruelty at the peak as these starving bears are forced to watch families dining out alongside a riverside restaurant. These bears are kept inside the cage as they struggle to get the food eaten by families but are at an ambit due to the captivity. A brown bear can be seen in the picture who is allowed a little portion of the water otherwise caged. This brown bear is one of the many who is captured for the entertainment of the diners, a growing trend. These bears are kept for their entire life inside the cages just for sake of human entertainment.

Captured bear inside the cage while forced to watch people eating their food. Credits: DailyMail

This is cruelty, animals can’t speak what they need or for their rights but it’s the responsibility of the respective authorities to dissuade restaurant owners for the ban of such mala fide practise. If it’s not curbed down at such a stage then it will like an endemic prevalent in all the major industrial areas.

The bear can be seen striving for food as it strides here and there impatiently. This scene is brought to you by DailyMail directly from Armenia. The previously Soviet-ruled country has an old tradition of keeping bear captured. It’s a common sight to come across bears in the restaurant and public recreational spaces just for sake of tradition and fun in Armenia. The country has been long freed from the captivity but the state of bears and animals rights are still of old times.

It’s worth knowing that British charity International Animal Rescue (IAR) is launching The Great Bear Rescue to protect and free bears in Armenia. These bears in Armenia are often caught as cubs and are forced to spend their entire life in a cage.

A family enjoys its meal as bear stands unrest inside its cage

Alan Knight the IAR chief executive said, “Some have been living for years in small, barren cages, surviving only on scraps and filthy, stagnant water and standing on stinking mounds of their own faeces.” The condition of such bears is appaling and they need freedom and proper look after.

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