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Stand-up comedian punched, attacked with mic rod & stool as audience member gets outraged

Written by Wamiq Ali

A recent attack on a standup comedian shows that these people need some kind of security. The brawl happened when a guy in the audience became outraged enough to climb up on the stage and unleash an attack on the performing comedian. The comedian after the attack explained the entire incident but the identity of the guy who unleashed his punches and wrath on him is still unknown.

The shocking video of the incident got recorded and uploaded on the internet. Since then it is going viral and almost everyone is asking justice for the comedian. The guy got attacked by the member of the audience in the middle of his act. He wasn’t expecting anyone to climb up on the stage and victimize him by unleashing punches. Other than series of punch the attacker used a mic-stand to further victimize the comedian.

The comedian was then interviewed by The Mirror, according to the reports he said that the security did nothing to help him, in fact, they did nothing to end the brawl and to provide him with some safety.

The video footage of the incident shows Mr Brown’s attacker, the identity of which is yet unknown. According to the video the attacker used punches and everything at his disposal to hurt Mr Brown.

After the enraged attacker threw a chair, the audience realised that something serious was happening on the stage. So they tried to stop him from creating further chaos.

The outraged show!

According to the TMZ, the attacker was having a good time of his life during the show. However, due to some reasons, he got angry and then slapped his girl. His mother tried to stop him but he couldn’t be contained. The show was happening at Comedy House in South Carolina.

I was bleeding and there was this guy who attacked me, he was just laughing – said Brown

On the Social Media, Mr Brown uploaded the massive cut which he had received on his arm during the fight. He captioned the upload on the social media as, “The mic stands are b******.

The Mirror reported the interview of Mr Brown:

First off let me start by saying thanks for the calls and messages from friends, fans and my family.

With that being said, let me say this. This unprovoked attacked that happened to me tonight is a reminder of why these comedy clubs should have well equipped PROFESSIONAL security to protect us entertainers who bring their club so much money.

I thank God for looking out for me and giving my old ass the ability to bob and weave because this could have ended in a horrible way.

Warning Graphic Content Ahead:

The picture uploaded on the Social Media shows a huge gash on the arm of Mr Brown.

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