Speaking Skills: 10 Unusual Ways to Improve and Be a Better Speaker

Good speaking skills are the tools that are a basic necessity for almost everything. People miss amazing opportunities because they can’t speak well enough. A person is not born as an amazing speaker, because these skills are acquired. Some charisma comes naturally in the personality but amazing speaking is the reason that takes a person’s personality to a whole new level. If you are a shy person, or think that you don’t posses the skills that can impress anyone, then these tips will help you a lot to be a better speaker with incredible speaking skills.

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1) Speaking skills; speak

I know it sounds ridiculous but for improving the talk, a person must try to speak as much as he can. Because you cannot improve at speaking if you don’t even try. Confidence to speak is the first step toward amazing speaking. An amazing lawyer or a brilliant salesman, they don’t have a better speaking in the beginning, they polish their speaking skills by simply getting experience at speaking.


2) Listen

To be a great speaker, a person must connect to his listener(s). You can never be a better speaker if you do not know what they are want to hear, and you can only know what’s in their heart when you listen to them talk. If you ignore their point of view, you can never speak as a good speaker and convey your message to them. This an important rule for good speaking skills.


3) Have Knowledge

Be the jack of all trades, a person with good speaking skills can talk on almost everything. For example, if you have an audience that wants to talk about Brexit, how would you speak on the topic if you are unaware of it. Makes sense right?


4) Engage

Engage in conversation as much as you can, because for good speaking skills a person must know how to engage with different audiences. It is just basic stuff.


5) Something To Talk About

You should always have something amazing to share with people, it is a must have if you want to have good speaking skills. For example, read this article that we recently covered.


6) Speak in front of mirror

This is a great trick to improve your speaking skill. Pretend that you are a talking to yourself in the mirror. I personally approve this, because I use to have trouble improving my speaking skills and I read this somewhere on the internet. It helped me a lot.


7) Fear

Don’t have the fear of you failing, fear of being judged and what others will think of you. When you will commit to yourself that you will not bother about failing, that is the time when you will start winning.


8) Practice

Fluency is an important factor in good speaking skills. Practice some tongue twisters to challenge yourself.


9) Hand Movement

Again, some might argue that this means not much but this inspires confidence and brings charisma. Try using your hands along with the words of your mouth.


10) Be Yourself

Don’t try to copy someone. You have your own personality. Feel comfortable in your own skin and try to better yourself as much as you can, because the best thing you can be is yourself.


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