South Carolina bill to ban animal cruelty offenders from having pets for five years

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Adopting pets is considered as a kind hobby because it requires the pet owners to take care of their animals like their own family members, therefore, someone who is cruel to his pets means that he has no empathy for the animals. However, there are certain people which don’t take care of animals despite all the warnings. Therefore, lawmakers have decided to propose a bill to make sure that animal cruelty is tackled and stopped. Once a issue takes on some momentum then the concerned lawmakers attempt to make a ruling for avoiding constant illegal behaviour. Thus, lawmakers are proposing different bills in order to make sure that animal cruelty offenders in Palmetto State are not able to adopt pets.

Proposed Bill states that offenders would have to wait for five years for adopting pets

A newly proposed bill in an attempt to stop animal offenders states that those who would be once registered for animal related offenses would not be allowed to adopt a pet for upcoming five years. The Former York County Sheriff was behind this bill proposal, along with state representative, Bruce Bryant, who had sponsored a formal bill in this regard. Bryant is a pet owner and according to him he understands the need for laws in order to protect the pets. He signed on to the bill’s committee because of the prevalent relaxed laws regarding the people residing in South Carolina. In an interview he said that the proposed law is just fine because there was nothing wrong in it. He maintained his stance of supporting the bill by saying that anybody who loves animals would not like to do anything to them which wouldn’t be right. He added that he had this in his mind since long but right before him someone proposed a bill and thus he had to sign it. An Animal Society CEO also maintained that legislation like this was a need of the hour.

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