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Some soulless decided that a “poor beggar” couldn’t have a pet and stole the puppy with violence.

Human society from the very beginning is too quick to judge someone. Everyone starts to make judgements on the basis of his own experience. Once the paradigm of a person changes due to different happenings then he becomes ready to accept a different dimension.

A puppy was recently taken away from a homeless man in the streets of Paris. A France-based animal welfare took away the puppy of a poor homeless man and that actually caused him serious grief. The puppy was reunited with the homeless man after the President of the organisation accepted his worker mistake.

A video of the incident broke the internet and went quite viral in which activists of Cause Animale Nord were seen to be pushing away the poor man in order to get a hold of the puppy. Both the dog and the man were manhandled and it can be seen in the video.

A petition was also made to help the poor man get reunited with the dog. The petition was made on change.org and got over 80k signatures. The French police also got involved in the matter and did everything to get the puppy back to the rightful owner.

After living for few weeks with a foster family in France, the puppy was returned to the homeless man.

An official statement was also released by the President of the Animal Activists Organization, as follows:

You can watch the video below, to see how the puppy and poor man were manhandled by the activists because they thought a homeless man can’t have a puppy. But guess what, they were wrong and the internet proved its importance once again!

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