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Son chokes mom’s ex-boyfriend to death because he saw him physically abusing her!

Written by Wamiq Ali

A woman’s son allegedly killed her ex-boyfriend because he saw him beating her, happened on Monday and Police are still looking into the case.

New York city is known for many things but not violence. A 43-year-old ex-boyfriend was killed this Monday who showed up at the University Avenue unit in the Bronx around 4:30 am. Pretty much late, or quite early in the morning.  Mom and her ex-boyfriend argued in the hallway and then both of them went inside the apartment.

They went into the apartment and the man who wasn’t identified, initially, started to beat the woman. A loud noise started to come outside of the apartment. The 18-year-old son of the woman was at the home and he also happened to hear all the beating and the noise. To know what was happening he rushed to the room and found that some guy was beating her mother.

The next emotions he might have felt must be a mixture of love and hate. So, the teen allegedly fought with the man to rescue her mother from the abuse. The son pulled the man off his mother. He fought and eventually choked the man to death. The police report says the same however the court will give the final verdict.

Police sources further add that the woman got passed out and when she woke up her son was standing over her boyfriend. The dead man already had 26 prior arrests. Among these arrests, 2 are for the domestic violence against the teenager’s mother.

Building where this happened!

The 37-year-old mother had started an argument with her ex-boyfriend in the hallway of this building. The fight ended up in the death of a person and no charges have yet been filed against the son. The police state that her ex-boyfriend punched and kicked her, ruthless domestic violence took place. The teen got charges with man slaughter.

Teen poses with his mother

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  • This guy is the worst reporter ever. No charges were filed but “The teen got charges with man slaughter.” [sic]. WHAT?!

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